Minggu, 07 November 2010

Yes, i haven't been blogging for quite some time

I know, it has been almost a year since the last time i blogged. I am actually not the kind of person that could write constantly. I have had couple of diaries, which could only last for a month the maximum. I tend to get bored easily. But i really want to keep up with my blog, so hopefully, i'll keep on updating this blog, even though there will be a lot of pause in it. 

So, what has been happening so far with me? Well, i've been finishing my sixth semester, doing music video, typo carnival, exhibition, redang beach, birthdays. Well, it is been really some time since the last time i blogged. Anyways, i think i'll do a review of each moment i remember the most this year. Soon. I still have one more week to go before i finally done with my seventh semester. woohoo.. :) Hopefully i can finish all my assignments on time.. *finger crossed

Senin, 12 April 2010

typography music video

its been a while since the last time i write on my blog. I've always been so lazy. I hope i can keep updating from now on. Anyway, i am a semester 6 student at the moment, and its been hectic these few weeks.
 I've been asked to do typography music video, journals, and animation kind of stuff. Well, i've done my typography music video with my partner, angeline. yipee! You can take a look at the video here. I can't be more happy to be able to finish the video. It's been tough doing another stop motion, and i'm still learning, so i hope i'll do better for my next project.

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Me visiting Korea : II

It’s the fourth day, and the picture above was taken in the morning soon after I woke up. It was at the Maremons Hotel, and I just love the view there. I just cant imagine going there without my camera.

So, we went to the Samsung Museum, and there are quite a few amazing cars there. I was not a really big fan of cars, but I did found couple of cars which got me a wow moment. Especially this two cars on the picture above. I fell in love with both of this car! Hopefully I can ride on it someday. We went to the spa Korean style afterwards. But I couldn’t take a picture, and I don’t want too, because there were full of naked women there. That’s basically what I did for day four.

Fifth day in Korea, which is the last day here. There was a Kimchi class lesson in the morning, but I didn’t take any picture. After making some Kimchi, we were allowed to put on a Korea traditional costume, which was cool. The picture above showing me in that dress.

We went shopping after at the Dongdaemun Market, and the picture above showed the view outside the market. The last day here was more about shopping and buying souvenir. Overall, I love Korea, and I hope I can visit Korea again someday. Macau Here I come!

I was in Macau for only two days, and it was more like a free day, and some of my tourmate decided to explore the city of Macau, so I’ll just show you the pictures I found interesting.

This is the graffiti art I found while I was walking to see the Church in Macau.

This is the Church that been said as the symbol of the city of Macau.

This is inside the Venetian Hotel, I was in love with this hotel, it was so large and so beautiful you have to see it yourself. So this is basically my whole trip to Korea (and also Macau), i am so happy I got a chance to go there.